Instrument Insurance

The AFM offers all-risk musician instrument and equipment insurance plans that protect instruments, computers and equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the U.S. the plan is administered by Mercer Consumer. The plan is customized to fit the needs of each AFM member by providing coverage for their particular musical equipment. This plan offers low-cost insurance coverage with rates and a deductible that musicians can’t get on most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Members are advised that the insurance company reimburses beneficiaries after they have repaired or replaced their instruments and equipment. All members are also reminded that each instrument and piece of equipment must be properly insured for its individual worth, as coverage is provided on a per-item basis, not a total-replacement-cost basis. For information, please call Mercer Consumer at 1-800-503-9230.

In Canada, the same type of all-risk insurance is available through the Wellington Insurance Company plan from Clydesdale Insurance Brokerage Ltd. For more information, Canadian members should contact their locals.