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Welcome to Local 802! We’re glad that you are interested in joining us and we look forward to working with you. Whether you’re interested in the benefits of union membership, in making your job better, or simply in joining the largest association of professional musicians in the country, we’re here for you.

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Benefits of Membership
Responsibilities of Membership
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Initiation Fees

In order to join Local 802, there is a one-time Initiation Fee of $100 plus a prorated Membership Dues payment. $65 dollars of the Initiation Fee is forwarded to the American Federation of Musicians and the remaining $35, plus the prorated Membership Dues, remains with Local 802.

Quarterly dues are prorated in the following manner:
If a member joins in the 1st month of a quarter, dues for the remainder of the quarter are $55.00
If a member joins in the 2nd month of a quarter, dues for the remainder of the quarter are $36.50
If a member joins in the 3rd month of a quarter, dues for the remainder of the quarter are $19.00

Membership Dues

Local 802 members pay Membership Dues of $220 per year. A $5 discount is allowed for payment of a full year’s dues by January 31 of that year.

Membership Dues may be paid in installments of $55.00 per calendar quarter. Quarterly installments may be paid any time before the end of the quarter to which they apply, plus a one month’s grace period. After the grace period, a $5 penalty will be charged for late payment.

Upon payment of a full year’s Membership Dues, or of a quarterly installment, a Membership Card will be provided to the member.

Paying Your Dues

Membership Dues may be paid by mail, by check or by money order on which the member’s Membership Card number should be indicated. The mail address is:

Local 802
Attention: Membership Department
322 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

Membership Dues may also be paid in person at the Membership Department. Payment may also be made by MasterCard or Visa.

Youth Membership

Musicians who have not reached their 21st birthday may join Local 802 as a Youth Member. A Youth Member is excused from paying the $100 Initiation Fee. All other membership and work dues apply.

Honor Membership and Reduced Annual Dues

A member for 35 consecutive years who has attained 65 years of age may apply for Honor Membership which entitles the member to reduced Membership Dues of $92.40 per year, also payable in quarterly installments of $23.10. If the member is covered by the local’s Life Insurance Program, however, s/he must wait until 70 years of age to apply for Honor status or the insurance benefit will be lost.

Re-entry Fees

For a musician who has resigned from Local 802 in good standing (that is, whose Membership and Work Dues were paid up to the date of resignation) and who wishes to re-enter Local 802, a Re-entry Fee of $25 is required, plus a prorated quarterly Membership Dues payment.

For a musician whose membership in Local 802 lapsed not in good standing and who wishes to re-enter Local 802 within four years of the date of lapse, there is a Re-entry Fee of $35, plus a a Clearance Fee of three quarters’ Membership Dues. If the period of time exceeds four years, the musician is considered a new member and is required to remit a “new members” Initiation Fee of $100.

Transfer Fees for Entry or Transfer from Another Local

The Transfer Fee is $35 plus a prorated quarterly Membership Dues payment. A membership card from the applicant’s home local must be presented, showing dues paid through the current quarter.


If a member wishes to resign in good standing s/he must send a letter to the Membership Department, prior to the end of a quarter for which the member’s Annual Membership Dues have been paid, stating that s/he wishes to resign his/her membership. Members may wish to do this because they are leaving the jurisdiction of Local 802 and will no longer be working in Local 802’s jurisdiction. A musician will lose his/her status of “resignation in good standing” if s/he continues to work in the local’s jurisdiction without re-entering the local. By resigning in good standing, a member who wishes at a later date to re-enter the local may do so by paying a re-entry fee of only $25 instead of the $100 usually required, as explained above.

Work Dues

Local 802 members are obligated to remit the following Work Dues on scale wages for engagements covered by collective bargaining agreements:

Live performances: 3.5%
Recording and electronic media: click here
Educational services: 2%

Scale wages are the minimum wages agreed to between the employer and the union in a collective bargaining agreement. Local 802 contracts do not prevent musicians from negotiating wages which are higher than the minimum scale. Your employer will automatically deduct Work Dues from your wages once you have signed a Dues Authorization Checkoff card and given it to your union representative.

Every local in the American Federation of Musicians sets its own Annual Membership and Work Dues rates. Musicians who belong to Local 802 but who work outside the local’s jurisdiction, may be subject to a Work Dues payment to the local in the jurisdiction in which they are engaged. They may receive a Work Dues bill by mail from said local, and are obligated by the Constitution of the American Federation of Musicians to pay any such bill or risk being expelled from the union.