Benefits of Membership

Job security and representation

Local 802 enforces contracts that guarantee that no one will be penalized or fired without just cause. The union allows employees to speak out about problems on the job without fear of retaliation. It is the union’s job to make sure that you receive the wages and benefits due under the terms of the union contracts. It is the union’s job to address health and safety issues with the employer. The union has legal recourse if there is any deviation from the terms of contractual agreements. Among these options are grievances which, if necessary, will be heard by an impartial arbitrator. Among the agencies 802 files complaints with are: the National Labor Relations Board, which investigates and adjudicates matters pertaining to national labor law; the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which oversees fairness with regard to race, creed, religion, gender and age discrimination; and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which oversees the maintaining of a safe and healthy workplace.

Dignity on the job

Local 802 represents you on the job. Having a union balances the power in the workplace. An employer is legally bound by the contract and by all laws protecting unionized employees. Our union demands that you, as a professional musician, be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Local 802 contracts establish clear policies that help keep workplaces free of capricious and arbitrary decisions on the part of the employer.

Higher pay and regular raises

It is the union’s job to negotiate with the employer to set your pay scale under a contract that includes regular raises. Representation in collective bargaining may include an elected group of your peers, Local 802 officers and attorneys. Union contracts, across the board, provide you with better wages than nonunion workers.

Pension and health benefits

Local 802 will also negotiate benefits such as health insurance, pension, vacation and sick leave – which are guaranteed under the contract and legally binding on employers. Local 802 union contracts provide a health benefit plan for its members. Pension is a benefit administered by the AFM. If you are working jobs in this city or jobs in other cities under a union agreement the contributions go into a single fund, no matter where your salary is earned.