Local 802 Member Portal

If you already registered, use Member Portal Login link to log in.

If you have any problems with registering, e-mail portalhelp@local802afm.org, and we will assist you as soon as we can. No phone calls, please.

With this online utility, you have instant access to the Union’s proprietary system and get the most up-to-date snapshot of your union profile. Not only can you view your own contact information and search our member directory, but you can also view the contracts you performed on, pay your membership and work dues balances online, and check your health benefits eligibility. You will also be able to send messages directly to our staff concerning your information.

To get started, follow the instructions for registration below. Read further to find an overview of each section of the portal.


  • Open the Member Portal Login page
  • Click on the link for “Don’t have a profile? Click here.”
  • You will be asked to enter the following items to validate your information with our records: e-mail address, last name, card number and last 4 digits of SSN.
    NOTE: You must have an e-mail address listed with Local 802 first, as this will be your user name for future logins. If you would like to add or change your e-mail, please contact the Membership Department at membership@local802afm.org.
  • You should receive a confirmation e-mail from afm802portal@gmail.com containing your temporary password.
    NOTE: You may have to check your junk or spam folder. If you do not receive an e-mail, or other login issues arise, please e-mail portalhelp@local802afm.org.
  • Once logged in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to choose a new one. You will also need to choose security questions in case you forget your password.

Main Dashboard

This is your main navigation screen that gives you a quick summary of your profile. With each section, there is a link to view more information. After viewing the details of any section, click “Back” on your browser, or click the “HOME” button at the top of the screen. The following explains the features of each section. In every section, there is a link to directly message the union office if you have any questions or changes.

Directory Search

You can access the directory search by clicking the Directory button at the top of the screen. It runs similarly to the Local 802 website search. Members can search for other active members by any combination of instrument, name and/or geographic location. Simply type the criteria you want to search for and click Filter.


You can instantly send messages to the Union by using the links on detail pages, or by clicking the Messages button at the top of the screen. When composing a message, be sure to include the correct category to ensure that your message goes to the right department. The system will keep track of your sent items, but responses from the Union will go to your e-mail account.

Account Info

This section provides a view of your contact and statistical information, as well as your instrument listing. There is also an option to change your password for the portal. Send a message to the Membership Dept. or e-mail membership@local802afm.org if your information is incorrect.

Union Dues Info

This section provides a breakdown of all of your payments of membership dues made to the union, as well as your outstanding balance and paid thru date. Detailed listing includes all penalty fees paid, discounts, and contributions to ERF, Tempo, etc.
Members now have the ability to pay their membership dues online through PayPal with no additional fees.

Work Dues Info

This section contains a listing of engagements for which you currently owe work dues. Recording work dues are currently processed separately, and are not included in this listing. If you have questions about any contract information, you can directly message the department that handles that engagement type.
Members now have the ability to pay their work dues online for live engagements through PayPal with no additional fees. Recording work dues will be included in the near future.

Contracts/Work History

This section contains a detailed listing of all of your engagements, going back to 2005. You can use the date filter at the top of the form if, for example, you would like to capture all engagements in a certain year. There is also an option to download the listing as an Adobe PDF file for your own records. If you have questions about any contract information, you can directly message the department that handles that specific engagement type.

HBP Eligibility

This section shows your current eligibility information, as well as eligibility periods going back four years. For each period, you will find amounts for opening bank, contributions, plan level, carry over, bank used, bank expired, and closing bank. (If you hover your mouse over these headings, you can read a description of each.) If you have any questions, you can message the HBP office through the portal.