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President's Report

The rebirthing of New Orleans

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, the state of jazz is very much alive

Bed, Breakfast – and Live Music

Hotel musicians win a 9 percent raise in their new contract

On the Move

Recording Vice-President's Report

Positive Thinker

Bill de Blasio has high hopes and big plans

Bernard Purdie Gives Back

The master drummer and hit-maker is also a gifted educator

It’s Earth Day: Tree huggers unite!

Rock and Recycling

Guitar strings turn into art

Grace Under Fire

The rising star of Lakecia Benjamin

‘Give me my copyright back!’

Legal Corner

The Musicians’ Voice

The Double Life of Billy Tipton

Jazz musician was born a woman but spent career passing as a man


My father, the drummer

‘Why we joined the union’

Executive Board Minutes

January 15, 2013 - February 19, 2013

Thanks for the memories, Local 802

Musicians' Assistance Program

April ’13

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