New Mayor, New Vision

President's Report

Copyright, activism, and making a living in the age of streaming

Future of Music Summit 2013

Harry Belafonte endorses union’s jazz campaign

Getting creative with new actions

Justice for Jazz Artists

Photo Spread

Groove Masters

Gambling with our future

Is supporting corporate casinos really in our interest?

Shining a light

Working with blind musicians turns into a life-changing experience

Drastic Measures

What happens when orchestra musicians believe that the answer to their troubles is to kick out the union?

Taking Charge

Trumpeter Paul Cohen is still swinging at 91

Hidden History

Deep and poignant memories of New York City Opera

Christmas is in the air

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We’ve lost a giant

Remembering the magic of Frank Wess

Executive Board Minutes

September 17, 2013 - October 8, 2013

Minor decrease does not indicate any long-term issues

Financial Vice President's Report

Explaining our slight loss in first six months

Controller's Report

Happy holidays? Not always

Musicians' Assistance Program

December ’13

The Band Room

Contractor’s checklist