Welcome Back, New York City Opera!

President's Report

Black and White Together

Local 802's archives show that we were an early and significant force in the struggle to achieve racial equality

Tributes to the Masters

Playing With Authority

Al Carty is in the house

Preventing & Fixing Injuries as a Musician

Musicians put a lot of strain on their bodies. We asked our members for their stories about preventing and fixing injuries. Here's what you said...

We Are the Union

A Win for Artists

Musicians retain their right to workers' compensation

Big Space

As more and more films come to NYC to record, producers need larger spaces. A new recording service at the DiMenna Center is helping to fill the gap.

The Joy of Sharing

News from the Actors Fund

Music Behind Bars

Transforming lives through music

Executive Board Minutes

September 15, 2015 - October 27, 2015

‘Why we joined the union’

February ’16

The Band Room