Musician Referral Service and

Are you looking to hire the best musicians in the world?

The Musician Referral Service is an online directory available to help people find and hire some of the most talented performers in New York City, providing a easy to use and direct line to musicians and ensembles of all types and genres. Visit to find a uniquely talented musician today!

Are you a musician hoping to find more opportunities to perform under a union agreement?

Take advantage of the referral directory, create a profile, and promote your work, talent and creativity. Musicians who wish to enroll in the service’s online directory and take advantage of this promotional tool must be active Local 802 members, and any work that is referred through the service must be filed on an appropriate union contract.

Musicians who enroll have the option of creating two types of profile pages: an individual profile best used for teachers, performers, copyists, arrangers and recording artists; and a band/ensemble profile, best used for bands, chamber groups or large ensembles. There are no fees associated with creating a profile.

Musicians who wish to enroll must review and sign the Local 802 Referral Service General Rules Artist Agreement and the Local 802 Website Rules and Regulations Agreement and return them to our referral service administrator, Julie Ferrara, and fill out the form on the website.

“Broadway Buskers: Out of the Pit”

“Broadway Buskers: Out of the Pit” is Times Square Alliance’s outdoor music series. Every week from mid-April through late-September, Local 802 musicians had opportunities to perform in the spotlight of Times Square’s pedestrian plazas, entertaining local New Yorkers and tourists and bringing attention to the power and importance of live music.

Local 802 and Times Square Alliance’s partnership ensured that musicians who performed did so under a union agreement that guaranteed fair payment, health and pension contributions. Local 802 looks forward to continuing this partnership and hopes to announce future performances in 2018.