Rehearsal Space Rental

Rent space at modest fees for ensemble rehearsals

Two rooms are available:

  • Club Room: Approximately 32×44 feet, suitable for large ensembles
  • Room B: Approximately 20×26 feet, better suited to smaller groups

Please be advised of the following:

  • Rooms are not to be used as a catering hall/nightclub
  • No admission may be charged for any event
  • No liquor or smoking
  • No professional recording may be made unless a contract has been previously filed with and approved by the Executive Board

Members’ Rates (for either room):

Monday through Friday

  • 9am to 5pm: $10 per hour
  • 5pm to 9pm: $20 per hour


  • 10am to 10pm: $65 per hour


  • 10am to 10pm: $70 per hour

Equipment Available:

  • Steinway grand piano (in Club Room only)
  • Yamaha keyboard model P-300 (88-note keyboard in Room B)
  • Fender Rhodes piano
  • Acoustic bass (must be requested in advance)
  • Drums (drummer must supply cymbals, sticks, brushes and hi-hat clutch)
  • 32 music stands
  • Amplifiers for bass, guitar and keyboards
  • P.A. system with two Shure SM-58 microphones

For reservations and further information, please call Maureen Cupid at (212) 245-4802, ext. 111, or e-mail