Rehearsal Space Rental

Affordable rehearsal space is a luxury in New York City, and finding it is among the most difficult challenges musicians must face. Local 802 is one of the few local unions in the American Federation of Musicians that owns its own building, and with this great asset our union is able to provide musicians with two large rehearsal rooms that can be rented and reserved.

The Clubroom has a capacity of 220 people and is suitable for large ensembles. Room B is approximately 520 square feet and suitable for small and medium sized ensembles.


Members can reserve the clubroom Monday through Friday 9-5pm ($10/hour) and 5-9pm ($20/hour); Saturday 10am – 10pm ($65/hour); Sunday 10am – 10pm ($70/hour)

  • Grand piano (in Clubroom only)
  • Yamaha keyboard model P-300 (88-note keyboard in Room B)
  • Fender Rhodes piano
  • Acoustic bass (must be requested in advance)
  • Drums (drummer must supply cymbals, sticks, brushes and hi-hat clutch)
  • 32 music stands
  • Amplifiers for bass, guitar and keyboards
  • P.A. system with two microphones

To reserve rehearsal space at Local 802, contact Maureen Cupid-Pierre at 212-245-4802 ext. 111.