Rehearsal Space Rental

Local 802 is available to rent for rehearsals and meetings

Finding affordable rehearsal space is one of the most difficult challenges musicians must face in New York City. Local 802 is one of the few local unions in the American Federation of Musicians that owns its own building, and we’re happy to be able to rent our rehearsal rooms at a reasonable cost to our members as a perk of union membership.


322 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036

Health & safety requirements

  • You must provide proof of full Covid vaccination (i.e. at least 3 shots, or 2 shots if Johnson & Johnson)
  • You must wear a mask at all times, except for singers/winds/brass when actively singing or playing
  • You must complete a health survey when entering the building

Available rooms & capacity

  • CLUB ROOM: 35-person limit for rehearsals or 100-person limit for meetings, with chairs placed 3 feet apart
  • ROOM B: 10-person limit for rehearsals or 20-person limit for meetings

Special notes

  • NEW: There is a Zoom screen in the Club Room that is available for hybrid meetings. The remote control and instructions for use are with Local 802 Assistant Building Manager Amoh Essandoh, whose office is straight ahead as you enter the Club Room. Please notify Maureen Cupid-Pierre when you book the room that you intend to use the Zoom screen.
  • Rooms only available by reservation; no walk-ins
  • Rooms contain HEPA filtering devices and undergo a daily deep-cleaning
  • Wi-Fi is available (ask us for the password)
  • As always, no recording of music is allowed
  • No food allowed, but you may bring water to drink
  • Please leave the room as clean as you found it

Equipment* (*not all equipment guaranteed to be available at every rehearsal)

  • Full lighting system
  • Grand piano
  • Fender Rhodes electric piano
  • Yamaha P300 digital piano (this keyboard resides in Room B)
  • Acoustic bass (must be requested in advance)
  • Vintage guitar amp, 1960’s Fender Super Reverb (recently reconditioned)
  • Vintage guitar amp, 1972 Fender Twin Reverb (recently reconditioned)
  • Drums (drummer must supply cymbals, sticks, brushes and hi-hat clutch)
  • 32 music stands
  • Amplifiers for bass, guitar and keyboards
  • P.A. system with two microphones

Rental rate and available hours

  • Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm at the rate of $10 per hour
  • Rental after 5pm will hopefully be available in the future
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

How to make a reservation