The History of Local 802

The Associated Musicians of Greater New York, American Federation of Musicians Local 802, is the largest local union of professional musicians in the world, comprised of instrumentalists, vocalists, copyists, arrangers, conductors, librarians, proofreaders, editors, teachers and coaches.

Together, we unite to fight for the common interests of all musicians by advancing industry standards that dignify our labor and honor and enrich our art. We seek to organize a community of all musicians and aspiring musicians, and we reach out to all who share our interests and our passion. We are committed to upholding the integrity of live musical performance and to advancing the vital role of music in education, and in the economic, cultural and social life of our community and beyond. We advocate for economic and social justice for musicians and for society as a whole.

Today the AFM represents approximately 220 locals throughout the United States and Canada, representing over 80,000 musicians. But to understand where Local 802 came from we need to go back about six decades before its birth in 1921.