Boo Reiners is a Musician of New York.

Growing up in North Carolina, Boo fell in love with bluegrass music and began picking up any stringed instrument he could find, from banjo to guitar to mandolin. He has since translated his early love for strings of all kinds into a career freelancing on multiple instruments. After studying music and living on the West Coast, he landed in New York because it’s a fertile, diverse marketplace and the performing arts crossroads of the world. As a freelancer, he spends quite a bit of time loading and unloading instruments, amps, and other equipment from the trunk of his trusty Impala.

“Working musicians must be flexible and fast on their feet in balancing many different tasks in this professional environment we all work in. ‘Did he/she reply about that upcoming engagement?’ ‘Did so-and-so get the little smartphone video I sent showing them how the part goes?’ Working in this business means that I go from composing and rehearsing for a project to putting fresh strings on three different instruments, then to making charts and lyric sheets and importing them to a tablet to use onstage, then more practice. Like anybody who owns and operates their own business, it’s one thing and then another and you just get your flow going to juggle it all.” #MusiciansofNY

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