Patrick Milando is a Musician of New York.

Born and raised in New York, Patrick played for orchestras in places as far-flung as Chile and Italy before finding his way back to raise two kids, who are now wonderful adults. Over the years he performed on many concerts, tours, and recordings with the New York Philharmonic and broadcasts with the Metropolitan Opera, and has played French horn for The Lion King on Broadway for ten years now. Outside the show, Patrick is able to mix in freelance recording and performance with other ensembles, as well as time to play tennis, run, and train for the eight marathons he’s completed. He plays for the Local 802 and Lion King softball teams, and rides his bike to work, through Central Park, every day.

“You have to be ready to play anything. Like any sort of calisthenics, you do your homework and you’re in shape, and when it comes time to play, you’re able to bring your art to the table. For Broadway, I feel it’s incumbent upon me to have my A game as much as possible, because a family of four is spending a lot of money to listen to this show and I want to give them the best I can every time. Though it’s the same show, not every show is the same, and you want to be able to work with the ebb and flow of the cast.” #MusiciansofNY

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