Katie Scheele is a Musician of New York.

Katie is an oboist, teaching in Brooklyn by day and performing at gigs by night. Although classically trained, she embraces the diversity of the New York music scene and plays a little bit of everything: recording sessions, pit work, chamber music, gigs with her oboe trio, Threeds, and even crossover jazz. A true testament to the variety of work she’s done, one of Katie’s first gigs in New York involved playing oboe in a gas mask at a gallery opening while parading around a live bull, with Björk in the audience. When she’s not busy working and raising her two young sons, she finds time for yoga and photography.

“I think there’s something so special about the camaraderie in the New York music community. We just get it, we get each other. We’re all going through the same thing, especially the mothers. We’re really trying to do everything. I’m at school teaching four full days a week, going to play a show at night, and then coming home to make lunches. That’s why being selective about the gigs I do has become really important to me as a mom. Living a balanced life is one of the hardest parts because you’re always running and hustling in New York, trying not to miss anything.” #MusiciansofNY

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