#MusiciansofNY: Quarantine Edition

In a normal month, 802 keyboardist/pianist Kenny Seymour works as the music director/supervisor and arranger of “Ain’t Too Proud: The Life & Times of the Temptations.” Prior to the Broadway shutdown, Kenny was busy conducting and playing the show, rehearsing with cast members, and sitting in auditions for the show’s upcoming national tour, while balancing orchestrating, arranging, and producing projects. In quarantine, Kenny’s work has turned digital: weekly Zoom meetings with the Ain’t Too Proud orchestra, check-ins with colleagues around the world, and working on projects he can continue remotely. Kenny has turned to his martial arts training for exercise and philosophy during this difficult time, as well as meditation, film-making, cooking, and video game battles with his son. Check out Kenny and the rest of the Ain’t Too Proud orchestra performing virtually in quarantine: https://deadline.com/video/temptations-aint-too-proud-video-broadway-cast-the-way-you-do-the-things-you-do/ 

“The orchestra at Ain’t Too Proud: The Life & Times of the Temptations’ have weekly Zoom meetings where we catch up. It’s great to connect, see, and support each other. We also have an active text thread. I love being a musician – be it playing in a wedding band, in an arena with 30,000 screaming fans, from a Broadway stage, or just writing music at home. Music is one of the main constants in life. It’s unwavering, always there when you need it, and makes you feel deeply. It is a universal language that even moves other species. Now is a time to embrace it, share, and connect with as many as you can to heal and look toward the future.” #MusiciansofNYQuarantineEdition #MusiciansofNY #802strong