#MusiciansofNY: Quarantine Edition

In a typical month, 802 classical pianist and vocal coach Adam Nielsen works on the music staff at the Metropolitan Opera and at the Juilliard School, where he coaches singers. Adam’s performance work ranges from recital collaborations with singers to occasional solo piano gigs to recording on film scores. Earlier this year, he had the fascinating opportunity to coach an actor to look convincing as a pianist in a film on which Adam also recorded solo piano pieces. While much of his work is cancelled, Adam has continued some of his Juilliard coaching remotely from home. To stay sane, Adam has been continuing his study of the German language online and exercising in his quiet Queens neighborhood. 

When I was a kid I practiced piano obsessively because I loved it obsessively, so I have been focused on reconnecting with that young version of myself, and I think that this has really helped me to relax and find more joy. Despite being home bound, the opportunities to collaborate and connect with other musicians have been plentiful and inspiring. To my surprise, I have discovered that listening to a singer through my AirPods over FaceTime and playing along on my end in a coaching session actually works! I have also enjoyed recording piano parts to send to singers for online karaoke collaborations. Many singer friends are using this time to learn repertoire, and I am making role-study practice tracks for them. And to be honest, regular life is extremely hectic, full of pressures and stresses and a workload that always exceeds the time available. It is nice to be able to take afternoon naps, binge Netflix, do crossword puzzles, and have empty space in my day. I know that the hectic lifestyle will return again at some point and I’d love to feel like I was able to enjoy the calm and quiet of this particular moment in life.”#MusiciansofNYQuarantineEdition #MusiciansofNY #802strong