#MusiciansofNY: Quarantine Edition

802 percussionist, timpanist, and drummer Matt Kantorski usually makes his living as a freelancer in the orchestral realm, along with a bit of chamber music and subbing on Broadway shows. One of Matt’s most unique gigs is playing with the Patriot Brass Ensemble, whose primary mission is to bring music to veterans. The pandemic brought all this work to a stop, which has been difficult for Matt, as most of the instruments he uses to practice are in a studio he rents with friends, unreachable during quarantine. Matt is practicing as much as he can with the percussion instruments he does have at home and his practice pad, while spending more time reading and reconnecting with friends over Zoom. Matt has also been helping his wife with her knack for houseplants – they own over 150 in their place and there has never been a better time to have a shred of nature indoors.  

We need to stick together! I believe it will be an uphill battle for many of us as we start getting back into the swing of things. The union is truly important, and our solidarity matters as we return to work. We might all be in our own unique states of desperation for work once we restart the industry, but it’s important to remember that we are the ones that determine what our value and worth is. Even though we might have a rough road ahead of us, I’m confident we’ll all be back together and playing again. And when we do, it’s going to be unbelievably beautiful and raw.#MusiciansofNYQuarantineEdition #MusiciansofNY #802strong