Update on congestion pricing

New York City is poised to charge a toll for drivers below 60th Street, starting this spring. Local 802 sent out an e-mail blast to members in January with information on how Local 802 approached this issue and  how to make your voice heard during the comment period.

However, there is important news for musicians who work under some Local 802 union agreements. Our promulgated contracts are in the process of being updated to include a reimbursement provision if you’re charged a congestion premium. These contracts include:

  • single engagement club date (G)
  • single engagement classical (W)
  • public service
  • fundraising

The language we’re inserting says: “If a Congestion Pricing Plan is enacted in New York City, the employer shall reimburse musicians for half the cost of any such congestion pricing upon presentation of receipt, provided, however, that the cap on any such reimbursement for any such congestion pricing will be $10.00 (ten dollars and zero cents) per trip per eligible musician.”

To confirm that you’re working under a union agreement that contains a congestion reimbursement provision, please contact a Local 802 union rep.

Congestion pricing reimbursement is another perk of working under union contracts. If you’re working a gig where you’re not earning the pay and benefits you deserve, contact the Local 802 Hotline.