802 Jazz Night

Jeremiah Lockwood and Ricky Gordon have been making music together for over two decades, originally as disciples of Piedmont Blues legend Carolina Slim. For their first post-pandemic live shows they have begun a new duo to share the sonic pleasures stored up over a tumultuous year of longing. Expect old time blues, new-time rhythms, and ballads about all the things we want to do with you.

Singer/guitarist Jeremiah Lockwood is the founder of The Sway Machinery, a world-exploring, genre-defying band perhaps best known for its collaborations with the late great Khaira Arby of Timbuktu.

Drummer Ricky Gordon is a member of the Wynton Marsalis Ensemble and a prolific composer for the screen, including iconic collaborations with Spike Lee.

WHAT: 802 Jazz Night

WHERE: 322 West 48th Street

WHEN: Monday, January 8, 2024 @ 7pm to 10pm


CONTACT INFO: John Pietaro, jpietaro@local802afm.org