City-Wide Performance of “For Our Courageous Workers”

Local 802 is co-sponsoring a massive, city-wide music performance of “For Our Courageous Workers” to honor NYC’s front-line workers, conceived by Frank London, 802 member Hajnal Pivnick, and Dorian Wallace. The goal is to have over a thousand participants — musicians of every level and all the people of New York City — perform the symphonic fanfare “For Our Courageous Workers” across the city. Everyone is welcome to participate. There are parts for all: musicians of any and every level — beginners, young musicians, amateurs, and professionals; on voices, strings, brass, winds, keyboards, drums — as well as all the people of the city making noise, singing, and banging on pots and pans. For more information, detailed instructions, and a downloadable score that does not require the ability to read music, go to  Click here to download the below flyer. RSVP to the Facebook event here.