Indie Caucus Open Meeting

Indie Caucus: OPEN MEETING
(formerly the “Indie Musicians Voting Bloc”) 

Monday, March 25th
5:00 PM
Local 802, 5th Floor Exec. Board Room (322 West 48th St) 

This meeting is open to all INDIE MUSICIANS who are members of Local 802.

(Indie musicians record for independent and/or self-released labels, and work the related network of gigs, festivals, and touring circuits)

A few of the things we will discuss… 

  • What unfair working conditions do YOU want to organize to change?
  • How do we extend previous victories into the places we work now?
  • How can indie musicians be more involved in our union (and in union decisions that affect our livelihoods)?
  • How can indie musicians get more out of their Local 802/AFM membership?
  • YOUR IDEA HERE! We welcome your feedback and participation. 

See you March 25th! 

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