Local 802 membership meeting (February 7, 2024)

  • The next Local 802 membership meeting will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024 at 5pm, both in person at 322 West 48th Street and on Zoom (register here).
  • The main business of this meeting will be the hearing of charges filed against Local 802 Recording Vice President Harvey Mars. These charges concern alleged violations of certain Local 802 bylaws and will be considered in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Local 802 bylaws (Article 5, Section 7)*.


In person:

  • Check in at Local 802 at 322 West 48th Street by 5pm on Feb. 7 (no RSVP required).

Zoom option:

  • Pre-registration is required using this link.
  • Pre-registration will end at 4:45pm on Feb.7. You will not be able to enter the Zoom after 5:05pm if you haven’t pre-registered.
  • NOTE: For added security and voting purposes, you must use the Zoom app on a device with the video turned on, and you must use your real name (or the name on your Local 802 membership account).

Only members in good standing may attend membership meetings. Log into the Local 802 membership portal to check your membership status and pay your dues.


Voting will take place both in person and on Zoom. Voting on Zoom will take place using the Zoom poll feature. As per our bylaws, the initial ballot will contain these choices:  “YES — DISMISS THE CHARGES” or “NO — DO NOT DISMISS THE CHARGES” . (The full procedure can be seen in the Local 802 bylaws at Article 5, Section 7, Paragraph H*).

*The Local 802 bylaws may be downloaded by members in good standing. Log into the Local 802 membership portal, then select MEMBER DOCS, then LOCAL 802 CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS.

Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for this meeting