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Special Projects and Services Fund through the CAC

The Coordinating Advisory Committee (CAC) is a unique union body that places a cash fund, called the Special Projects and Services Fund, of approximately $30,000 per year in the hands of union members to disburse according to specified guidelines. The fund is financed by members’ annual dues, with three-quarters of one percent allocated to the Special Projects and Services Fund. The CAC is composed of representatives appointed by the President from all standing rank-and-file committees, including the Broadway Theatre Musicians Committee, Jazz Advisory Committee, NYC Ballet and Opera Orchestra committees.


Disbursement of the Special Projects and Services Fund is determined as follows: 1) to create new work opportunities for all members, 2) to promote the effective functioning of the local, including through the purchase of machinery, 3) to pay for educational seminars for officers and staff designed to improve and upgrade their skills and 4) to provide funds so that union officials, employees and members can participate in associations and organizations pertinent to the music industry.

How to Apply

In order to apply for funding, a member of the union must appear before the CAC and present his/her proposal. The amount of money should be specified, as well as any relevant information. Members of the CAC and the local’s Executive Board meet jointly to decide on the disbursement of money. The Executive Board and the CAC have 13 votes each, with the President voting only to break a tie.

Previous CAC funded special projects have included financing a tourist Hotel & Restaurant Guide that promotes establishments that hire Local 802 musicians; financing of a series of seminars on how to network in the Broadway, club date and recording fields; financing a leadership training program for rank-and-file committee members at the AFL-CIO’s Labor Institute in Washington, D.C. and financing of the purchase of printing equipment.

The CAC meets throughout the year and members who are interested in submitting a request for a special project should contact their committee representative to the CAC. All questions regarding the CAC should be referred to the Recording Vice President’s office.

For more information, please contact Maureen Cupid.