Local 802 elected positions

The most recent term started on Jan. 1, 2022. Names listed in alphabetical order by office below. 

Executive Board

Deborah Assael
Bud Burridge
Lynne Cohen
Sara Cutler (president)
Julia DeRosa
Karen Fisher (financial vice president)
Martha Hyde
Morris Kainuma
Harvey Mars (recording vice president)
Wende Namkung
Jessica Phillips
Gregory Riley

Trial Board

Javier Gándara
Diva Goodfriend-Koven
Bill Hayes
Aaron Korn
Susan Lorentsen
Warren Odze
Zsaz Rutkowski
Allison Seidner
Dan Willis

Delegates who attended the 2023 AFM Convention on behalf of Local 802

Bud Burridge
Lynne Cohen
Tino Gagliardi (as Local 802 president)
Martha Hyde
Greg Riley

Download a PDF of the results from the most recent Local 802 election (December 2021), including all elected positions.