Tino Gagliardi

Until his election as President of Local 802, Tino Gagliardi was a trumpet player in New York City’s concert, club date and recording fields, as well as on Broadway, where his work was most recently focused. He was elected to Local 802’s Executive Board in 2003 and took office as President in 2010.

As President and Executive Director, Tino is the lead negotiator for some of New York City’s most iconic ensembles, including at Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall and on Broadway. In addition to serving as President, Tino serves on many boards and committees, including on the AFM Executive Committee, and is a Trustee on the AFM Employers Pension Fund, Local 802 Musicians Health Fund, and the AFM/SAGAFTRA Distribution Fund. In 2015, Tino was honored to be appointed to the NYC Cultural Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee by Mayor de Blasio.

Contact Tino at (212) 245-4802, ext. 100, or e-mail below

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