The Bulletin Board – LS-1s…Demystified (Contract Deadline July 15)

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The LS-1 deadline is July 15th. But…what is an LS-1 contract?

Many musicians engage in solo work that is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement (example: solo live engagements or private studio teaching.) To include that work in an individual’s eligibility for pension and health insurance, that person may file an LS-1 contract with Local 802. This becomes an essential tool for musicians who wish to make health or pension contributions, because both the AFM Pension Fund and the Local 802 Musicians Health Fund are required by law to have a collective bargaining agreement with an employer in order to accept benefit contributions.

In essence, LS-1s are small contracts that allow employers to make health or pension contributions to you on small jobs or single engagements, including music lessons and other teaching work. Because Musicians Health Fund contributions are capped at 15% of gross wages, musicians need to report earnings of about $13,335 from covered work for any 6 month period to qualify for Plan A. This makes the LS-1 contract extremely useful for musicians who want to bolster their total contribution so that they can meet the qualification threshold, and so that they can make pension contributions too. (Please note: private teaching gigs can qualify for health benefits, but not pension benefits.)

No media work, music prep, or Music Director work can be covered under an LS-1. A separate LS-1 must be filed for each employer (i.e. one student=one employer) and work dues must be included when filing an LS-1. You must be a member in good standing (with all paid up dues) and the deadline for the benefit period beginning September 1, 2018 is July 15, 2018. More info on submitting here.

The LS-1 contract form can be found here. Contact Bettina Covo with any questions.

You can find additional info in a January 2012 Allegro article focused on LS-1 contracts.