#MusiciansofNY: Quarantine Edition

Elena Bonomo 

802 drummer Elena Bonomo typically makes her living performing live – subbing on shows, playing for workshops and readings, and playing with different songwriters and bands. At the time that Broadway shut down, Elena was working as a band member in the new Broadway show SIX. In quarantine, she has begun teaching online drum and percussion lessons, as well as working on recording projects with colleagues from home. Elena and her girlfriend have started trying new recipes every week and taking part in virtual game nights with friends. Elena has also found it helpful to stick to a regular yoga routine and to hop on weekly Zoom sessions with other freelance musicians to check in and support each other. 

“I’ve been finding inspiration through small things, like going for a walk outside in the sun, spending a whole day cooking lasagna, and calling my family. It was hard for me to have the motivation to pick up the drum sticks again, but I decided to take it one step at a time. I went back to the exercises that I really enjoyed practicing in college, and it suddenly brought me back into the zone. It’s ok to take things slowly. Everyone is adjusting to this new way of life at their own pace, so don’t ever feel bad about ‘not being productive.’ I’m proud to be a New Yorker, and a member of Local 802! We have one of the strongest communities of musicians in the world, and I have faith that the music scene will return. When we do come back, it’s going to better than ever before.” #MusiciansofNY #MusiciansofNYQuarantineEdition #802strong #COVID19