Local 802 President Adam Krauthamer’s statement in response to the announcement by the Broadway League of continued suspension of all ticket sales for Broadway performances in NYC through May 30, 2021

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For immediate release

Date: Oct. 12, 2020

Press contact: Mikael Elsila, (646) 765-9663, melsila@local802afm.org

“As the Broadway League rightly points out, almost 100,000 workers rely on Broadway for their livelihood, and Broadway provides an annual economic impact of $14.8 billion to New York City.  With the devastating announcement that Broadway will be shuttered until May 30, 2021, it becomes a brutal reality that our musicians working on Broadway  — along with thousands of other fellow entertainment union members — will continue to be without a paycheck or healthcare payments for at least 14 months. This underscores the need for elected leaders at every level of government to take emergency action to help the arts survive here in New York and across the country with direct aid to arts workers.  Without that support, the future of the performing arts in New York City — the cultural capital of the world — will be in question. Our union is committed to helping our members survive this tough time through our advocacy for federal relief and our own local fundraising efforts, such as the Local 802 Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund.”

About AFM Local 802 

AFM Local 802 represents thousands of highly-skilled musicians who drive New York City’s thriving cultural and tourism economy. Its members – who perform on Broadway, at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Radio City, in recording studios, as teaching artists, on late-night TV shows and in other televised bands, in hotels, clubs, festivals and venues across NYC – are protected by collective bargaining agreements ensuring proper classification, fair treatment and a living wage. For more background, see www.local802afm.org