Do not work for Josh Groban

  • This is an official notice that the Local 802 President’s Office has issued a DO NOT WORK order for Josh Groban, who is hereby designated an unfair employer under Article 4, Section 1, Paragraph F of the Local 802 bylaws.
  • Under Local 802’s bylaws (Article 5, Section 6, Paragraph D), a member can be reprimanded, fined or expelled for performing for an unfair employer.
  • If you get called to play for Josh Groban, please contact Local 802 Organizing Director John Pietaro or make an anonymous tip to the Local 802 Hotline.
  • For more background and explanation, see below…

Local 802 members are advised that the Josh Groban shows taking place on July 5 (at Bethel Woods) and July 8 (at Jones Beach) are not currently covered under a union agreement.

These are nonunion dates with no contract protections for fair wages, health & pension contributions, job security, recording payments, streaming payments, or other benefits that come with union contracts.

Any time nonunion work is performed for a major artist in a major venue, it compromises the work standards and compensation that professional musicians deserve. It hurts everyone, including those who perform the work. Those who play on this job will not earn any pension or health contributions, not to mention union perks like doubling, cartage, parking or overtime pay for encores. Even worse, Groban’s musicians will earn NO union royalties or payments if the concert is released as a recording or on a TV show or movie or if it’s streamed.

Put simply, Groban’s musicians have no enforceable union contract to protect their rights. This is unconscionable, especially when performing for an artist whose net worth is rumored to be $35 million.

As professional musicians, we must take a stand against taking jobs at sub-standard rates far below what we deserve. We not only cheat ourselves by accepting such engagements, but we also cheat our colleagues by setting a precedent that it’s acceptable to undervalue us and our work. Let’s stop undermining the employment standards that professional musicians have worked years to achieve.

If you are contacted to participate in these engagements, please send a confidential e-mail to Local 802 Organizing Director John Pietaro or contact the Local 802 Hotline anonymously.

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