The LS-1 contract provides a way for musicians who perform solo, in ensembles, or maintain a private student studio (“private teaching”), to qualify for health and pension benefits. Private teaching can only qualify for health benefits, and not pension benefits.


  • Solo Performance
  • Ensembles (only if all musicians on the engagement are reported on the form)
  • Private Teaching

Incompatible Usage

  • Recording
  • Theater
  • Media work


  • Health Benefits Eligibility
  • Pension Eligibility (does not apply to Private Teaching)


A single piece of the below documentation is required. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals as well as corporate entities.

  • Contract(s), or
  • Invoice(s), or
  • Copies of payment –i.e. checks or a record of cash payments, Venmo, PayPal, etc., or
  • Copies of check stubs or payroll voucher

Submission Due Date

For the September 1st benefit start date

NO LATER than July 1 for engagements from January 1 through June 30

For the March 1st benefit start date

NO LATER than January 1 for engagement form July 1 through December 31


Mailed or Emailed Submissions

Please consult the specific LS-1 Form for further instructions.

Assistance, Health Benefits Related

Assistance, LS-1 Related