(NOTE: The Local 802 health fund page will always contain the latest information on the Local 802 health fund, including eligibility requirements.)


The LS-1 contract provides a way for musicians who perform solo, in ensembles, or maintain a private student studio (private teaching), to qualify for health and pension benefits. (Private teaching can only qualify for health benefits, not pension benefits.)

Please note that no LS-1 agreements and related checks for benefits should be mailed to Local 802 until the business representative assigned to assist you has confirmed all documentation is in order.

You can use LS-1 contracts with…

  • Solo performance
  • Ensembles (only if all musicians on the engagement are reported on the form)
  • Private teaching (health benefits only, not pension)

You cannot use LS-1 contracts with…

  • Recording
  • Theater
  • Electronic media work
  • Music prep


A single piece of the below documentation is required. This includes individuals as well as corporate entities.

  • Contract(s), or
  • Invoice(s), or
  • Copies of payment,  i.e. checks or a record of cash payments, Venmo, PayPal, etc., or
  • Copies of check stubs or payroll voucher

Submission due dates

For the September 1 benefit start date

NO LATER than July 15 for engagements from January 1 through June 30

For the March 1 benefit start date

NO LATER than January 15 for engagements from July 1 through December 31

Payment amounts

Please consult the specific LS-1 form for further instructions. The forms are found in the download box on this page.

Need more help understanding health benefits?

Need more help understanding the LS-1 form?