PROTECT NYC MUSICIANS: a musical rally at Carnegie Hall


  • A for-profit company called DCINY is holding concerts at Carnegie Hall and is NOT offering its musicians professional employment standards, including health benefits, retirement payments, recording or streaming payments, proper rest breaks, job security…and more!
  • Worse, they are attempting to replace a full orchestra — who have played this gig for 10 years — with just a handful of musicians and an amateur high school ensemble.
  • Now the orchestra is essentially locked out and is fighting for a fair contract.
  • NYC is the cultural capital of the world, and NYC audiences deserve the very best. If a full, professional orchestra is replaced, then audiences suffer. And if this can happen at Carnegie Hall, it can happen anywhere. Don’t let it happen!
  • Join us at a musical rally on Monday, June 6 from 6pm to 7pm in front of Carnegie Hall
  • Want details? Want to help? Learn more at

Read our press release about this rally for more info and great quotes from the musicians

ALSO: Local 802 has issued a DO NOT WORK order for DCINY