Do not work for DCINY

  • This is an official notice that the Local 802 Executive Board has issued a DO NOT WORK order for Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY), which is hereby designated an unfair employer under Article 4, Section 1, Paragraph F of the Local 802 bylaws.
  • Under Local 802’s bylaws (Article 5, Section 6, Paragraph D), a member can be reprimanded, fined or expelled for performing for an unfair employer.
  • If you get called to play for DCINY, please contact Local 802 Recording Vice President Harvey Mars or the Local 802 Hotline. (ALL CONTACT WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL).
  • For more background, explanation and how you can help the musicians, see below…


The DCINY orchestra has been fighting for over two years for a fair contract with DCINY, a for-profit company that holds most of its concerts at Carnegie Hall.

The orchestra successfully formed a union with Local 802 over two years ago. But their employer, DCINY, has essentially locked them out and refuses to offer industry standards like union wages, proper rest breaks, health insurance, retirement payments, recording or streaming payments, job security, a primary hiring list and more.

The company resumed live performances in 2022 and immediately replaced the full professional orchestra with just a handful of musicians. The company also attempted to replace professional musicians with an amateur high school ensemble. At a recent negotiation session, management introduced a new proposal that would force musicians to audition for positions they’ve already been awarded, which could allow musicians to be replaced permanently. Musicians have responded with protests and demands for a fair contract.

Management refused to schedule negotiations with the union for many months. This stalemate was finally broken after Local 802 filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the company. The company has also been charged with a second Unfair Labor Practice, which is in progress.

“An injury to one is an injury to all” is the motto of the labor movement. We must stand up for professional standards, especially when an employer hires musicians to perform at an iconic major venue like Carnegie Hall.


If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Local 802 Recording Vice President Harvey Mars.