Every Musician Insured! Getting & Affording Insurance during COVID-19

Become a Health Insurance Ninja in 90 Minutes!

About this Event

This webinar will help give you clear, step-by-step guidance on what all your insurance options are and how to get the most affordable coverage.

We will provide important information relevant to freelancers and the self-employed.

Questions answered include:

  • What are my options in 2020?
  • How much will plans cost?
  • Am I eligible for a subsidy, or the $20/mo plan?
  • Am I eligible for free insurance?
  • How do I estimate my income during a pandemic?
  • How do I pick a plan?
  • Where do I get care if I’m uninsured?

This is an excellent opportunity for unbiased information.

Attendance: RSVP only via Eventbrite

Once you RSVP, you will receive an auto-reply from Eventbrite with a Zoom link. The auto-reply will ask you to do 2 things prior to the seminar: 1. Complete a registration form online at a separate link. 2. Click on the Zoom link about 5 min before the webinar starts. Zoom is safe software for your computer. It allows you to see the information we will be discussing. You must download it in order to participate in the seminar. You must also have your phone handy for the seminar, in case you have any issues with audio through your computer.

Please note that we cannot provide tech support for this online seminar, so it’s best to make sure everything works before the seminar begins!