Membership Meeting

Membership meetings are open to all active Local 802 members.The agenda for this meeting will include:

1. A presentation by the musicians of the Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) Orchestra, who unionized with Local 802 over the summer. The Organizing Committee will present on the organizing process and their public “Vote Yes” campaign, provide updates on their ongoing campaign to negotiate a first contract with management, and most importantly, share lessons they learned that all 802 musicians can benefit from as we embark on future new organizing efforts. You can read the DCINY Orchestra Musicians’ October Allegro article here.

2. Presentation, discussion, and vote on an important proposed bylaw amendment.  In order to hold a democratic vote on this amendment as a membership, we must reach quorum – AKA, 95 members in good standing must be in attendance. Please show up so we can ensure this profoundly important amendment can be passed through the power of the membership.

3. Internal charges against the recording vice president to be heard in accordance with an order of reference by the AFM International Executive Board. These charges concern alleged violations of Article 5, Section 8; Article 5, Section 26(b); Article 10, Section 1(1)(b); and Article 11, Section 18 of the Local 802 bylaws

Please bring your union card for entry! If you’re unsure if your membership is up to date, contact the Membership Dept at (212)-245-4802 or here.