Payroll Service

Legit 802, Inc.

Local 802’s paymaster plan, Legit 802 is tailor made to suit the needs of musicians who may, from time to time, assume the responsibility of leaders. The plan is also available to employers who become signatory to a Local 802 collective bargaining agreement. The plan allows members who may assume the role of employer to remit musicians’ payments for wages, benefits and payroll taxes with a single check. Legit takes care of all the unemployment payments, federal and state tax filings, disability, worker’s compensation, Medicare and FICA payments. Weekly paychecks will then be issued and mailed to the musicians, and Legit will remit all payments to the benefit funds and taxing authorities as required. Legit will also make all quarterly and year-end reports and send out W-2s, all at no extra cost.

Legit 802 takes on the role and responsibility of employer of record for the purpose of the payment of taxes but not for the purposes of labor relations. There must always be an employer who becomes signatory to a Local 802 collective bargaining agreement.

Legit 802’s fee is 21% of taxable wages. This includes all of the obligatory employer responsibilities, which amount to approximately 16 percent of wages. The remaining five percent of the fee is minimal compared to many of the payroll services shaped to service leaders’ and contractors’ needs. Legit 802 is able to function this inexpensively both because we consider Legit as part of our musicians’ service organization, and also because they are interfaced with Local 802’s data-processing system, where most of the information they require is already stored.

Our goal is to get leaders, contractors and musicians off the 1099 merry-go-round and back into the payrolling mainstream. The database of Local 802 musicians who have been paid by Legit is in the thousands, so it’s obvious that many of our union members see the advantages in using the Legit 802, Inc. paymaster plan.

Legit 802, Inc. is located on the 4th floor of Local 802’s offices. For information, please call Ronnie Gent at (212) 245-4802, ext. 175, or e-mail