802 Preparing New Membership Directory

Don't Miss the Boat!

Volume CI, No. 9September, 2001

Local 802’s membership directory is one of the union’s best-used resources. It is a comprehensive listing, alphabetically and by instrument, which has been expanded in recent years so that members can include their email addresses, fax, cellular and pager numbers, in addition to home and business phone numbers.

Every two years, the publication of a revised edition gives members the opportunity to update their information. We urge members who have been wanting to make changes to their listing to use the coupon on page 11. If you aren’t sure whether you may have submitted a change of address or a new email address since the last directory was printed, one way of checking is to log onto the “Members Only” section of this site and check your listing.

Especially important – be sure to submit your email address. Only a small minority of 802 members currently have email addresses listed, although anecdotal evidence indicates that most active musicians use email.

And we remind musicians who have been thinking of joining or rejoining 802 to act quickly. Only members who are in good standing by Nov. 15 will be included in the 2002-2003 Directory. After that, your window of opportunity for inclusion will close for another two years. Don’t miss the boat!

The coupon will also appear in the October and November Allegros. Remember to submit any changes in a timely fashion.