Volume CVII, No. 2February, 2007

Jim Hannen

The new administration at Local 802 has hit the ground running. A priority of President Mary Landolfi and the newly reconstituted Organizing Department under the direction of Joe Eisman will be to examine the organizing needs in the club date field. “There has been a proliferation of nonunion club date offices in recent years,” said Landolfi, “and we understand the impact that has on the ability of signatory employers to compete. Local 802 is committed to leveling the playing field for signatories and bringing the benefits of a union contract to those musicians.” A meeting has been scheduled for early February with several club date employers in the Jewish field to discuss the increasing problem of nonunion competition in that field

Formation of musician advisory committees in the secular and Jewish club date field is already underway, as are preparations to increase Local 802’s visibility in this important area of the music industry. These committees will assist the Organizing Department in identifying targets and formulating strategy. All members who work in either club date field are welcome to participate and should contact the Organizing Department for details at (212) 245-4802.