802’s Activity in the 2001 Elections

Volume CI, No. 10October, 2001

Heather Beaudoin

Local 802 continues to build the strength of the union by being active in the political arena. After carefully endorsing candidates for over 30 seats this year, the union has been working to educate our members on what these candidates stand for. Through e-mail, letters, phone banking and job-site flyers, Local 802’s Political Action Team has made a concerted effort to involve our membership in this year’s elections.

By the eve of the primary elections, when this issue went to press, more than 100 volunteers had committed to work on various campaigns throughout New York City. Some volunteers came through our first try at an automatic phone bank. Others came through some of our active committees, and still others from responding through e-mail or letters.

Volunteers usually work a few hours, either distributing leaflets, making phone calls, or poll watching. But a couple of members have been involved on an almost daily basis during this campaign season. Ricki Gordon held a fundraiser for City Council candidate Tish James. Kirk Kelly helped mobilize the labor movement for City Council candidate Rocky Chin. A few members have become a constant presence at the side of City Council candidate Rudy Greco.

The outcome of the primary elections was not known, as this article was written, but it seemed clear that run-off elections would be needed on Sept. 25 to resolve some races. To find out which campaigns your help is needed in, and the candidates 802 is endorsing in the general election on Nov. 6, please check out our web site or call the office.

Our union is only as strong as our activism. We need to continue to build our reputation as a union that will fight for politicians who will fight for us. If you would like to volunteer, please call me at (212) 245-4802, ext. 176.