802’s Web Site Adds New Content

Volume CII, No. 2February, 2002

As use of the internet becomes constantly more widespread, Local 802 is making several changes aimed at making our web site more appealing and informative.

One innovation involves the use of multi-media content. This is part of the union’s effort to make the public more aware of the importance of live performance art to New York City’s culture and economy. Initially the new multi-media page will contain interviews with Broadway star Bernadette Peters, composer Stephen Sondheim and Broadway conductors and musicians, talking about the role and importance of live music in theatre. The content was originally prepared as part of a CD-ROM the SFX Corporation made to promote their road productions. In coming months, we hope to add to the multi-media page.

Another new section will be made up of links to members’ web sites. A few of those sites were included in the November Allegro, when we published a listing of more than 150 web sites of interest to musicians. Sections included various categories of instruments, musical genres, research tools and search engines, places to buy books, CDs, sheet music, etc. – and much more. Links to every site included in that listing have since been added to the 802 web site.

We’re now inviting members to send us information about their personal web sites, so we can set up links to them. Please include your name, membership number and a 40-word (or less) description of your site. E-mail this information to, or mail it to Joe Rodriguez at Local 802, 322 West 48th Street, NYC 10036.

(As is the case generally, the fact that 802 provides a link to a third-party web site does not mean that the union endorses, authorizes or sponsors that web site. The links are provided for the convenience and information of visitors to our site.)

Finally, members who don’t own a computer are reminded that use of a computer, and free internet access, are available to you on the fourth floor of the 802 building.