A Jazz Tribute to Stanley Michels

Volume CII, No. 4April, 2002

Local 802 and Parlour Entertainment joined in honoring for New York City Councilmember Stanley Michels and his wife Molly at a jazz program on Thursday, Feb 28, in the 802 Club Room. Michels, a councilmember from northern Manhattan since 1978, had been one of the union’s closest friends on the Council, and a vigorous advocate and fan of jazz.

The program featured a musical tribute from jazz artists Sedric Choukroun, Bob Cunningham, Al Drears, Rudel Drears, Charles McGee and Miranda Sielaff.

Marjorie Elliot of Parlour Entertainment, which regularly presents jazz concerts in Harlem, spoke movingly about Michels’ many years of support. Local 802 President Bill Moriarity also praised Michels’ work with the union, and described him as “the single best argument against term limits.”