A new videogame contract for musicians

Volume 114, No. 7July, 2014

The AFM has developed a new agreement covering professional musicians employed in the making of videogame soundtracks. The new agreement, which extends through December 2016, will be available for use by game publishers and developers upon approval by AFM members, and is the result of discussions between AFM and videogame industry stakeholders that began early last year, including Microsoft, recording studios, and musicians.

“We are pleased with the new agreement, and confident that it will provide a basis for our members to work on even more videogames going forward, including games produced by leading publishers like Microsoft,” said AFM International President Ray Hair. “We enjoyed the collaborative feedback on the agreement with the Microsoft team and we are happy that our members will be afforded better wages and additional use protections when recording soundtracks under this agreement.”

“The talent and artistry of the AFM is truly world class, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to continue to create award-winning music together” said Paul Lipson, Microsoft Studios Senior Audio Director. “Our collaboration with the AFM has remained strong over the years, and this new agreement reflects the collaborative spirit and positive communication we enjoy with the AFM leadership and its members.”

The new AFM videogame agreement replaces all previous agreements promulgated over the last several years and is available for use by publishers throughout the videogame industry. It contains new provisions that permit game publishers to use tracks recorded for a particular videogame across all platforms applicable to a game franchise or series. The agreement will be submitted for approval by AFM members engaged in recording game soundtracks, a process that is expected to conclude in 60 days.

Local 802 members who have questions about the videogame agreement or any recording or media contract can call the Local 802 Electronic Media Department at (212) 245-4802. Ask for any recording rep or for supervisor Steve Danenberg.