A Symphony for Justice

In The Key Of Solidarity

Volume C, No. 10October, 2000

Musicians from some of the nation’s major orchestras turned out to support a group of Louisville, Ky., nurses who have been fighting for a voice at work at Audubon Hospital for a decade. A brass quintet, made up of delegates to the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians, performed a “Symphony for Justice” at a rally for the nurses on Aug. 25, during the ICSOM convention.

“Through the efforts of ICSOM and the American Federation of Musicians, orchestra musicians throughout the United States have enjoyed the right to organize and to speak freely to their employers without fear of reprisal,” said ICSOM Chairperson Robert Levine. “We want to see workers everywhere, including nurses in Louisville, get a chance to speak their minds in important issues and not be silenced by their corporate managements.”

The nurses have battled four corporate owners of the hospital since they began trying to organize a union in 1989.

Reports on the ICSOM convention will appear in next month’s Allegro.