Actors’ Fund Support Groups Set to Begin in October

Volume CII, No. 10October, 2002

The Actors’ Fund of America is organizing two support groups, which will start in the beginning of October.

The first, entitled “Are You On the Fence With Life in the Industry?” focuses on the emotional, spiritual and practical issues of continuing a career in the entertainment field. It will be held Wednesdays from 5:30 until 7 p.m. from Oct. 2 through Dec. 4. It is open to men and women between the ages of 27 and 45. An interview is required to enroll. For more information, call Tina Abas at (212) 221-7300, ext. 119.

The second is an industry peer support group for entertainers looking for general support in their field. It will take place Thursdays from 2:30 to 4 p.m. from Oct. 3 through Dec. 5. There are no age requirements for this group. An interview is required; for more information, call Stephanie Josephson at (212) 221-7300, ext. 147.

Both groups are free and confidential, and will take place at the Actors’ Fund of America, 729 Seventh Ave., just north of 48th St., on the 11th floor. For more information, see