AFCU Announces Online Banking

Volume CII, No. 2February, 2002

Stuck in rehearsals far into the night? Unable to get away on your lunch hour? No problem. Actors Federal Credit Union has the answer: online banking at, launched in early November.

Members can now set up online access to their accounts by filling out a simple application online. Upon processing, a one-time-use password will be mailed to their home address. Similar to the TouchTone Teller phone system, online banking allows members to view their account histories and current account activity, including deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks.

“It’s a real benefit for our members to actually see their account histories. It can make balancing a check book a lot easier,” said AFCU Vice President of Operations Sandra Jager. Users of the service can also perform transfers between checking and share accounts, as well as making loan payments. There is no cost for members to use online banking.

Over 1,200 members have already signed up and are using the service. “We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when it came to member usage,” Jager said. “We knew that members wanted the service – and evidently they were ready and waiting.” Member Jeanna Raye Lankford expressed her reaction in a recent e-mail to AFCU: “It’s fabulous! So easy and clear and right at my finger tips! I love it!”

Bill payment, soon to be added to online banking, will give members the opportunity to pay their bills online for a low monthly flat fee.

Meanwhile, loan applications received online continue to increase. AFCU Loan Manager Chris Duffy notes that “our online loan application is an easy way to start the loan process. Members are whole-heartedly embracing our online presence by submitting loan applications.”

The AFCU web site also includes share certificate and loan rates and loan calculators. “The loan calculators have educated our members and helped them to see what they’re able to borrow,” Duffy said. “It also allows them to compare AFCU to other forms of financing. Members can see for themselves that we’re a great deal.”