AFCU Expands TouchTone and Online Services

VISA Payments at the Touch of a Button...

Volume CI, No. 12December, 2001

Members of Actors Federal Credit Union can now make their VISA card payments by phone, using AFCU’s automated TouchTone Teller system.

AFCU President Jeff Rodman told Allegro he expects the addition of the new options to increase the number of calls to the system. “Member usage of our TouchTone Teller system has continued to grow since it was introduced,” Rodman said. “It has become one of our most valuable and useful services. The addition of VISA payment ability will increase member usage, and that’s what we want – more members receiving increased services.”

The automated phone system now handles, on average, more than 66,000 transactions/inquiries on a monthly basis, 2½ times the number of phone calls received.

To make a payment on an AFCU VISA Gold or Classic card, members can follow their usual TouchTone Teller routine and choose either option 81 (payment made from a shares account) or option 82 (payment made from a checking account). As with all TouchTone Teller operations, there is no charge for using the service. The system can be accessed at (212) 869-8977 in New York City or at 1-800-2ACTORS when outside the area. The new options have been in place since mid-September.

Adding to member access, AFCU will be adding online banking to its web site,, in the near future. Members will be able to access their accounts online by filling out a simple application form online. Upon processing, a one-time-use password will be mailed to their home address.

Similar to the TouchTone Teller phone system, online banking will allow members to view their account histories and current account activity, including deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks. Users of the service will also be able to make transfers between checking and share accounts, as well as making loan payments. And, like TouchTone Teller, there is no charge for using AFCU’s online banking.