Allegro Wins Awards

Volume CV, No. 7/8July, 2005

Allegro won three awards in the annual labor journalism contest sponsored by the Metropolitan New York Labor Communications Council, an umbrella group made up of labor newspapers in New York City. Allegro won:

  • Honorable mention for an interview Allegro editor Mikael Elsila conducted with 802 member Kiku Enomoto. Kiku and her colleagues refused to play with the Opera Company of Brooklyn last year when the company tried to use a virtual orchestra machine during performances of “The Marriage of Figaro.” Their solidarity resulted in the first ban on virtual orchestra machines in the world.
  • Second prize overall for general excellence.
  • First prize for news writing for two stories editor Elsila wrote last year: one about musicians getting paid for digital downloads and one about the new COBRA law that covers musicians and other entertainers.