Another Labor Scholarship Opportunity

Volume CV, No. 2February, 2005

Each year the New York State AFL-CIO awards a four-year scholarship to a 2005 graduating high school senior who intends to pursue a career in labor relations or a related field.

This year, the award will be for $2,000 per year for four consecutive years for a total of $8,000. In addition, the winner will be given an opportunity to work for the New York State AFL-CIO as a paid intern, when such positions are available.

To be eligible, the applicant must be a 2005 high school graduate, with a parent or guardian who is a member of Local 802 or any other union affiliated with the state AFL-CIO. Also, applicants must be accepted in a course of study in labor relations or a related interest such as history, economics, law, political science, sociology or journalism at an accredited institution of higher education in New York State.

May 15 is the deadline for submitting an application. For more information call Gary Duesberg at (518) 436-8516. You can also get more information and download an application at this specific Web site: