Basic Information to Obtain on Recording Sessions

Volume C, No. 4April, 2000

If you require assistance from the union – to check on a date before it occurs, or to track payment or pursue a grievance after the session’s done – having some specific information can be critical.

Two questions to ask when called to work in a recording studio … besides the “when and where”:

  • What kind of date is it? Are you recording for a CD? A commercial jingle? A movie soundtrack? A television program (broadcast, cable, PPV?)
  • Who are you working for? Which record label, ad agency, film company or TV production company is paying for this?

Some notes to keep when you’re done:

  • The date, studio name, and hours.
  • What did you work on? Note the name of the recording artist, and the tunes you recorded, the film title, or the name of the jingle spot and the product it advertises.
  • Who did you work for? Note the name of the TV program, jingle house, or record producer.
  • And the usual – the names of the leader and contractor.