Broadway Musicians May Be Owed Money

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Volume CVI, No. 12December, 2006

Local 802 has a grievance and pending arbitration on behalf of any Broadway matinees performed on Dec. 26, 2005 or Jan. 2, 2006, which were designated federal holidays.

The Broadway contract states:

“If a performance is shifted to a holiday matinee or if a matinee is performed on a Monday which is designated a holiday by federal law, the musicians shall be paid at the rate of a performance and one-half.” (Article 29, paragraph B, “Change in Show Schedule.”)

If this applies to you, we need to hear from you by Jan. 31. Please contact either Mary Donovan or Bettina Covo in the Theatre Department at (212) 245-4802.

We appreciate your time and effort in helping us get you the premium pay that is long overdue!