Broadway salutes!

Volume 119, No. 11December, 2019

Every year, the Broadway community honors those artists who have served on Broadway the longest, in an event called Broadway Salutes. This year, more than 50 members of Local 802 were inducted for the first time. Brian Stokes Mitchell hosted the event. “It takes nearly 90,000 workers to bring Broadway to life and this event enables us to thank each one for their unique and singular contributions.” said Laura Penn, the executive director of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and co-chair of the Coalition of Broadway Unions and Guilds. Pictured above are some of this year’s Local 802 inductees (see complete list below), with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Local 802 President Adam Krauthamer. For photos from this year’s ceremony, scroll down and see below and also see

INDUCTED THIS YEAR FOR 25 TO 34 YEARS OF SERVICE: Martin Agee, Janet Axelrod, Evan Barker, Mark Belair, David Blinn, Laura Bontrager, Jay Brandford, Lynne Cohen, Cenovia Cummins, Jami Dauber, Michael Davis, John Dent, Don Downs, Shannon Ford, Robert Fournier, Milton Granger, Daniel Gross, Jacqueline Henderson, Diana Herold, David Holcenberg, Doug Houston, Thomas Hoyt, Leo Huppert, Martha Hyde, Craig Johnson, John B. Johnson, Ralph Kelley, Shinwon Kim, Frederick Lassen, Lisa Matricardi, Mary Ann McSweeney, Michael Rafaniello, Amy Ralske, Donald Rice, Dave Riekenberg, Scott Shachter, Ronald Sheppard, Debra Shufelt-Dine, Antoine Silverman, Patrisa Tomassini, David Weiss, Daniel Wieloszynski and Robert Zubrycki.

INDUCTED THIS YEAR FOR 35 TO 49 YEARS OF SERVICE: Sue Anderson, Henry Aronson, Sandra Billingslea, Avril Brown, Bud Burridge, Sande Campbell, Richard Clark, Richard Hagen, Jan Hagiwara, Bill Hayes, Cecelia Hobbs Gardner, Earl Gardner, Lowell Hershey, Rena Isbin, Vivian Israel, Grace Paradise and Michael Starobin.

This list of new inductees for 2019 is complete to the best of our knowledge, but if you know anyone who was left off this list, please e-mail